Burglary Insurance


This policy is suitable for people who have movable household property (clothes, appliances, other personal effects etc), which are prone to burglary, theft or larceny.

Salient Features

The burglary insurance policy covers burglary, housebreaking, theft and larceny.


The policy pays for any loss of property due to burglary occurring during the policy period.

The amount of claim payable would be limited to the sum insured or market value at the time of loss whichever is lower.

Apart from compensation for the stolen property, the burglary policy covers damage to the premises like walls, doors, windows, locks, bolts, etc.


The premium depends on various factors like the location of the premises, type of construction ,neighborhood, easy access, etc. The insurers would arrange for inspection of the premises, if necessary.

Assuming that Fire policy is covering the contents in the place, the minimum benchmark premium rate would be 0.50%.

Completed proposal form

 The proposer may have to file separate list of property to be covered, giving detailed description and individual values to avoid ambiguity.

 Before granting cover, inspection is carried out by Agents or Brokers or Marketing officers of the insurance company.

 Note:These requirements may be waived if the Burglary policy is a part of Householders Package policy.


With people holding properties of high value in small bulk, a burglary policy is strongly recommended, even more so, when the location is prone to burglary.

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